Come when called using a snuffle mat – free video excerpt from my Weekly Puppy Insights

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Right here is an enjoyable recall proofing workout I created making use of a snuffle mat, carpeting or turf to show your canine to come far from interruptions. Desire is 18 weeks old in this video clip, and currently at 6 months old she has one of the most remarkable turn on a cent recall far from any type of interruption. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and also I hope it provides you some even more suggestions of proofing video games to play with your dogs.

This video is a passage from Week 11 of my Weekly Puppy Insights membership program. You can find out even more about the program below:

11 thoughts on “Come when called using a snuffle mat – free video excerpt from my Weekly Puppy Insights”

  1. Snuffle mat ? I WANT ONE !
    Thanks for this awesome video/demonstration Emily. It was only the other
    day I was looking for an intermediary step for one of my dogs as his recall
    is going to need a lot of work in small iterations. I was really struggling
    on how to introduce a minor distraction in a controlled exercise. This is
    perfect ! THANKS !

    Right, off to google snuffle mats….

  2. my dogs are laughing and panting on the bed with me.. how I ever trained a
    9month Aussie/Wheaton mix without treats..
    😂 oh my JRT is telling me theres carrots in the fridge..
    They react to your voice, lol!

  3. oh all the training i half-arsed out on…. i wonder if the ‘course’ would
    still be valuable for us at 8½ months, or is there a lot of things we don’t
    require? i didn’t have money when it came out, but if i recall correctly
    it’s permanently available?

  4. Thanks for all the awesome information you provide Emily! Thank you for
    setting a great example of how to train and interact with dogs.

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