How to Train Drop – clicker dog training

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

In this totally free dog training tutorial, I will certainly show you a strategy I found out many years ago from my pal and pet dog fitness instructor Kate Palese, for ways to train a dog to rapidly spew out the plaything in his mouth. By training at the appropriate level of arousal as well as utilizing errorless knowing, you can condition the pet to drop a toy quicker than lightening. I have actually not yet discovered a better way to instruct such a tidy and exact drop since yet.

Once the actions is educated, you can then use getting to have fun with the plaything once more as an incentive.

The link to training the exact same behavior making use of a canine eat bone is below:

8 thoughts on “How to Train Drop – clicker dog training”

  1. when I try to train my neighbor’s dog, Penny, to sit she will only sit on a
    soft surface. How can I get her to sit on any surface?

    1. Lots of dogs, who have a thin coat do not wish to sit on uncomfortable
      surfaces, similar to how we wouldnt want to sit in grass etc, with no
      clothes on. Other dogs can not want to sit because they find the position
      uncomfortable due to how their back legs are- for example sight hounds or
      dogs with injuries. With my chihuahua, I taught her to sit on a mat, build
      the behavior to be highly reinforcing first, brought the mat different
      places and different surfaces, had her sit on the mat. Then I started using
      a variable ratio- so only sometimes gave her treats for sitting on the mat.
      Took the mat away and then gave her a treat every time she sat on the grass
      etc- at first I went back to how I originally trained it using luring, and
      just clicked small pieces of the movement into the sit position. I made a
      big deal about it. So basically, sitting on the grass meant a higher level
      of reinforcement and easier steps than sitting on the mat to combat the
      fact that it doesnt feel so great. I know my chihuahua, and she doesnt mind
      sitting in grass now. But there is some grass she just tells me, no this is
      not cool, and I respect that-I would ask her to lay instead of sitting.

  2. Can you please do a video on how to train your dog to overcome the fear of
    loud sounds/noises? My dog is very afraid of loud noises and refuses to
    leave home this is becoming an issue as he will have to do his daily
    business at home. Also if you don’t mind I would also appreciate if you
    give us some tips on how to train a dog to poop on newspaper. As my dog has
    no issues recognizing the pee tray but it always fail to poop on the
    newspaper which I have placed right beside his pee tray~ hope to hear from
    you and love all ur dog training videos

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