Does your dog have these manners? – Clicker dog training

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

This video is a sneak peek of the workouts in the Weekly Good manners Program you can discover on my internet site

Right here is a link to the FREE SAMPLE of Week One – Taking Deals with Perfectly from the Weekly Good manners membership program. Merely click on the web link and you will see the write up on how you can educate your dog these games in addition to a complete extensive video. Take pleasure in!

If you wish to learn more about the membership, inspect it out listed below!

Educating good manners could sometimes get put on the back heater when there are numerous various other things to do and also train. The suggestion behind this program is to motivate not just pet dog owners but likewise trainers as well as those contending in sports to function much more on their pet's good manners. Working with manners in training sessions rather than simply taking care of the circumstances as they happen makes cohabiting much more pleasurable and also less stressful for both pets and humans.

Below is a list of the 20 tutorials:
Take treats perfectly – FREE SAMPLE
Instruct your dog how you can ask for something he desires in a courteous means
Door manners– Preparing for a trip
Waiting for a loose leash or near you off leash after leaving the vehicle
After being called, stay with you until launched
Doggie dinner good manners
Good manners when people prepare as well as consume dinner
Good manners while playing yank
Loose chain strolling challenge course around food as well as toy disturbances
Manners while playing bring
Lay on floor covering with diversions
COFFEE SHOP good manners
Go down whatever you have in your mouth
Waiting for the traffic control and crossing the road
Pass canines and individuals on a stroll as a training setup
Greeting individuals pleasantly
Good manners when seeing a buddy's home
' Ill be back'– calmly wait for your return in brand-new places
Gladly relocate off furniture when asked
Take turns– leave various other canines, children or people having fun with toys

18 thoughts on “Does your dog have these manners? – Clicker dog training”

  1. I don’t like your music choice for this video. Would probably be better to
    choose a more mainstream genre instrumental track than something like this.

    1. Yes because I find that most people (especially people in the dog training
      community) use music that they personally enjoy, rather than what would fit
      the video and appeal to more people.

  2. What a great video! I love how you help so many people and dogs to have
    better lives. I also enjoyed the cameo with Pam and Wynnie. <3 Thank you
    for sharing.

  3. Everything but bloody guests over! I can’t break that habit as I have
    terribly behaved in-laws re-enforcing bad behaviours 🙁

    Very happy with her door etiquette though :)

  4. My dog does have all of these manners and it’s all thanks to you, Kikopup!
    She is a service animal, goes to work and restaurants with me, and everyone
    remarks at how she’s the most well trained dog they have ever seen. Every
    time I’m asked for advice, my instant response is, “have you tried clicker
    training?” I’m so shocked that 9 times out of ten they haven’t.

    Thank you Kikopup for this fantastic relationship I have with my pup of 3
    years. You’ve given me and my dog a new lease on life. I can say hands down
    that your methods easily work when followed the way you show. It’s so easy
    and you can tell the dogs have fun learning with your teachings. After
    laying the foundation, my dog still responds perfectly after nearly three
    years of applying your genius communication skills!

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