Training a dog to jump through a hoop

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

This is a tutorial on just how I teach the trick "Dive Via". Delight in! As I discussed in the video clip, right here are some connect to various other video clip tutorials I have actually made on variants of jumping tricks for many years:
Jumping over a sword-.
Jump through your legs-.
Super old video tutorial of mine of showing the obstacles technique -.
If you have a puppy you can enjoy this pup safety and security video clip-.

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14 thoughts on “Training a dog to jump through a hoop”

  1. I love your channel ❤️ borders are so amazing! They’re the breed I’m going
    with for my service dog prospect

    1. Be careful, make sure you’re prepared to do a lot of exposure work and test
      the dog/puppy thoroughly for reactivity. BCs can be super sensitive to the
      environment and also tend to fixate.

  2. Good. I thaught my dog this same way but I could say “jump” very early, and
    then i introduced the second arm progressively from higher because it
    confused her a little. Now we got the hoop. We only need to make it higher

  3. I tried sitting on the floor with a clicker and bowl of treats once. I
    tossed one of the treats the dog ate it then returned and planted his face
    in the bowl of treats. Don’t know if that makes him smart or lazy.

  4. Hi Dogs good love

  5. My dog is extremely difficult to train because she’s not motivated by
    anything but I feel like this is a trick we might be able to get.

  6. I need to say this 1. You’re AWESOME!! 2. Your dogs are AWESOME!! 3. I’m
    going to be a dog trainer to, as awesome as you if possible!!!!!!! <3

  7. love your trick training!
    coincidentally started this with my dog last week. We’re building on the
    number of repetitions before reward right now.

  8. WEEEEE!!!! That looks like so much fun!!!! I like the idea of using a
    frisbee to make your hoop bigger for a larger dog! Thank you!

  9. Definitely going to try this. My dogs are brilliant and bored to tears with
    sit, stay, down, paw,… This will be fun.

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