Teach a delicate retrieve using this trick ! – Dog training

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Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Below is my strategy for educating a fragile Solution Dog recover. Right now of year, lots of stores sell these plastic easter eggs which you can utilize to teach a fragile obtain. Please do not try this exercise if you believe your pet will squash the egg or eat it … Initial method having your pet dog hold objects that are not breakable in a tranquil manner prior to moving into something this delicate.

12 thoughts on “Teach a delicate retrieve using this trick ! – Dog training”

  1. We are training a German Shepard to help out with some things. She is doing great picking things up, she will even deliver food to me. My partner can put food, even steak, in a bag & she will run it into the bedroom for me. Problem is she broke he favorite toy. It was a big plastic jeep that she like to push & watch it roll. She picked it up & it snapped the axle. Now she is afraid to bite things hard enough to pick up anything heavy. You can see her being so careful things slip out of her mouth. It’s kind of funny because she now realizes she can break things & she is being very careful but it’s frustrating because we went backwards in her training. Now she is being overly careful. I have a plastic peanut butter jar that I am slowly adding weight to & she is making progress but it’s very slow. She is a smart dog & I am figuring she will learn, on her own, that heavy things need more bite pressure & light things need less.
    Anyways, she is being super careful not to break things & it’s kind of funny. I am reluctant to say she understands that if you break something it doesn’t work anymore. That’s a complex concept for a dog but she does seem to understand that.
    We did buy her a new jeep. lol That may be something she likes more than the box it came in but we will see. Packing bubbles & boxes seem to be her favorite lately.

  2. Great video! Could you do a video on how to teach your dog to hold something in their mouth (when they won’t do it at all to start with). I’d really like to train it to my dogs but they can’t get the hang of it! It’d be great if they could hold any item in their mouth for things like my photography. Thanks

    1. Also maybe a video on taking treats nicely, leaving toys until told and waiting whilst training your other dogs?

  3. Could you do this to teach them how to take a treat gently, too? My Jack Russell is not happy unless she’s taking half my finger with the treat as well… haha

  4. I agree with a video on teaching hold with a dog that simply refuses to old, as my dog won’t hold something in his mouth whatsoever. He will take stuff and bring them to me, place them in my hand, but won’t hold onto them. He would rather drop them around me. I’ve tried training in a fully calm environment with no fetching involved and he gets frustrated within a couple of minutes and simply won’t hold. He will take, but drop as soon as he takes and no amount of practice so far has led to him increasing duration. At best, he will ‘take’ several times, dropping the object almost instantly each time and then either grow frustrated and refuse to do it anymore regardless of how high value the reward is or keep going while attempting to find other ways (throwing the object towards me in a more forceful manner, for example).

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