Amazing Multi Dog Tricks!

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Four dogs carry out fantastic techniques. All training achieved by utilizing positive support. Find out more by seeing my site at:

22 thoughts on “Amazing Multi Dog Tricks!”

  1. Could you do a video on how to teach your dog to be much calmer and take treats nicely, with an example to prove how it works? I’ve had a real issue with my dogs going crazy (spaniels) and they tend to get the treat as fast as they can which means jumping up and snatching it in some cases

    1. Myspanielcoco There are videos on her channel covering that. I’d suggest capturing calmness and no mugging.

    2. Alpha Animal Kingdom yeah I did watch her other videos and they’re brilliant! I was just thinking more specifically that area, but I will definitely try the other methods 😊😍

  2. Mind blowing…. HOW ? How do you train the leg weaves for example ? Your shaping skills are world class.
    Tug’s a little star !

  3. Love your stuff you are all amazing and inspiring!!! Can you tell us how much each dog weighs and their ages? Thanks. Blessings!

  4. Love, love, love this video! A bright spot in my day seeing all the work you’ve done and the way you’ve done it for some really neat tricks and dogs.

  5. They are so smart. How do you teach them to do that??? My dogs barely know how to lay. They can sit, lay, and shake.

  6. You haven’t posted in a while! But this was one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Definitely showing my dog-obsessed friend this.

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