Dog Trick Limp in a Circle – Dog Training

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Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

This is one of Sprinkle's tricks that I utilize as an example in my seminars on how to add 2 habits together to find up with an unique trick for your Freestyle, Frisbee or Method Dogging regimens. You are only restricted by your creative thinking! Delight in! Look into my internet site for even more free things!

6 thoughts on “Dog Trick Limp in a Circle – Dog Training”

  1. Emily, how do you determine if a particular dog has the structural integrity to do a particular trick? Limping, handstands, back leg walking or hopping etc. so many mixed breed client dogs that I see now, I don’t have a good reference for checking structure dogs I don’t know what will grow into especially if they’re young. Would appreciate any tips or advice.

    1. I make them ask a physical therapist. Especially if the dog looks like he has problems with ankles joints or is overly bendy or acting abnormal or older. I myself would never have guessed crawling would be bad for my little dogs, but both according to a physical therapist, it’s not a good trick for them.

  2. Is there any recommendations you can give me as to how to make my dog more focused in public settings? He knows about 25-30 tricks and is incredibly intelligent/eager to learn, but when he’s in a setting with too much distraction or too many people, he completely shuts down. He acts as though he knows nothing. With me alone, he is as focused as ever, but the moment people show up, his brain just shuts off. Is there anyway to train him to become more comfortable in public settings? People usually want to see his tricks but he just won’t do them…

    1. Go to her page, click on her Videos tab, and search “focus” or “attention” or “distractions”, and you’ll find plenty of videos that should help.

  3. Creative! Loved it! Also appreciated seeing how you used the Holey Roller ball as a reward. We have one, my dog loves it but I’ve been unsure as to how to use it to reward. Thanks so much.

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