How Emily taught this amazing double dog trick! Clicker dog training

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Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Someone asked me exactly how it was feasible that I trained this technique without utilizing any type of kinds of intimidation. Below's my solution … This is a video clip tutorial on exactly how I trained Tug to weave with Splash's legs while she walks ahead. Also I consisted of a less complicated technique for you individuals to check out, where you can incorporate the method of having one pet placed his feet on your feet while the other weaves through your legs (if you have a canine who might fit in between the various other pet dog's legs as well as your pets have a trusting connection with you as well as each various other).

12 thoughts on “How Emily taught this amazing double dog trick! Clicker dog training”

  1. First comment!! BTW I love you Kikopup and your dogs they are so smart and talented i want to teach my dog those tricks but you are amazing at teaching your dogs tricks

  2. make a video on how to teach a dog to walk. all you walking tuts are on highly trained collies/ other breeds. try training a aggressive jack russel who barks and pulls towards everything! ;()

    1. What kind of comment is that? Depends on what someone want! Look up your problem somewhere else and you find tons of answers, suggestions and videos

    2. what kind of comment is it? its a constructive critism comment. Im helping her by suggesting video ideas. u go look on a leash walking vid and i BET you 100% u will see a simular comment. u wasted your time Viola Meyer

  3. The volume on this video is super quiet. Would be more helpful if you increased the volume of the audio track. Any basic software should be able to do it. Microsoft Movie Maker can and it is free.

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