Go Check It Out Game – Dog Training

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

FREE STRATEGY! To help your dog develop confidence. Is your pet dog over responding to your neighbors wastebasket or holiday designs? Is your pet worried about a motorcycle parked on your street? Then this video game is for you and your pet dog!

Action 1 Train the cue using things your dog is already comfy with, in an atmosphere your pet dog fits in.
Action 2 Introduce unique objects in a setting your dog fits in.
Step 3 Establish the items you have actually dealt with in unanticipated areas.
Step 4 Use the add real life applications.

10 thoughts on “Go Check It Out Game – Dog Training”

  1. I love this concept! When my dog was a puppy I taught him something very similar. When he got spooked and fear barked at something I taught him, ” Let’s go see!” He quickly learned that when something is scary to let me know and we can go check it out together, no need to bark exessively. To this day, at almost 9 years old we still do this occasionally when he spots something weird. Wonderful skill to teach our dog. Great video!!

    1. kerrkatastropheful I definitely agree! I taught “go say hi” to my Border Collie and it has helped SO much in changing him from fear reactive to confident and happy! He’s eager to go investigate new things by himself now, and we continue to play the game every now and then. (:

  2. Great video. I think I’m gonna apply of these stuff today. I just don’t know how can I get some feedback on my training skills! πŸ™

  3. We have Soave a question we have always had dogs that we loved and trained and enjoyed doing it.. when we can across your channel a few days ago I have noticed some with collars and some with harness? Is there one better than the other for training?

  4. Thank you, this is perfect for scaredy dogs! I was trying to feed off of the object when it was too early (still scary) and I can see from this how that is probably working against us.

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