Simple trick for distance work – dog training

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

This brief pet training tutorial goes over how to teach your pet dog the idea of working from a distance from you initially, prior to asking for accuracy actions like placement changes at a distance (take a seat stand).

13 thoughts on “Simple trick for distance work – dog training”

  1. Kikopup! I miss seeing your videos all the time. I originally found you when I first got my husky, who is now 3 years old. She loves watching you too, and even seems to recognize Splash. Hope all is well, love the positivity and knowledge you have to share <3

  2. I love this channel, its made training our puppy so easy. The game changer for Kupo seems to be the free shaping. (It created a lot of material to work with!)

    I ended up showing off some of our puppy’s tricks on Imgur weeks ago and got a lot of curious folks asking for tutorials so of course, I told them to look you up on youtube.

    I hope some made it here since this channel was easily in the top 3 I go to when I’m looking for ideas or need help tightening up Kupo’s tricks.

    Keep up the good work! <3

  3. You have been the absolutely best trainer I have found both online AND in person. Sadly you are filling in the gaps being left by the trainer I’m paying. All I can say is THANK YOU for doing these videos.

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