Training session on heelwork transitions – Dog Training

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Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Here are simply some clips from my training session today with Dream my 2 year old Border Collie. I have actually educated her without the use of physical or mental intimidation while likewise seeing to it to prevent any type of excessive anxiety like disappointment and over stimulation in training.

25 thoughts on “Training session on heelwork transitions – Dog Training”

    1. No actually… I used to but for some reason when I feed raw her levels for her liver were bad…. Guess she’s a weird dog

  1. Soooo amazing <3 I’m hopefully going to be getting my own BC when we move to a better house, you’re absolutely my favorite dog trainer!

  2. I love your videos!!!!
    I have a question, maybe you could help me – My dog knows a lot of tricks but how can i get her to do them faster? i mean, for example, she knows how to walk between my legs but she does that rather slowly and not as fast and enthusiastically as your dog. She is an Australian shepherd and so a very active and energetic dog but for some reason she doesn’t do the tricks as fast as i would like. any suggestions?

  3. How do you stop over excitement in training? My Vizsla is so over keen to do everything especially at agility training classes but even in the house.

  4. How do you prevent over arousal in training? It’s my number one issue when training my dog. Many times we train when she is calm and then it works out great. Other times it doesnt work because she gets too excited. I guess it’s something I’m unknowingly doing right before the good training sessions?

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