Safety tips for restraining, picking up and catching a dog – Dog training

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Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Right here are some security dos as well as do n'ts for Pet Sports and Trick Training concentrating on restraining, getting and also capturing pet dogs in the air. It's constantly a smart idea when experimenting with a new technique or technique also if you have seen someone else doing it … or many people doing it … to ask on your own "Is this in my dog's benefit?", "Could this potentially be uneasy or hazardous for my pet dog's wellness?" If your answer is "I have no idea"… It's finest to figure out first.

16 thoughts on “Safety tips for restraining, picking up and catching a dog – Dog training”

  1. That is so incredibly helpful! We don’t have the collar problem, as our dog only wears a harness when we go out. But he had hip surgery in 2016 and had to be carried up the stairs or put in the car because he couldn’t jump (or walk for months). When we first picked him up after surgery the vet told us to pick him up with a hand under his stomach (as you have shown not to do), so we wouldn’t need to touch his him. Dante (the dog) didn’t like that at all, after a week or two, we picked him up as you have showed to do right and he likes that much better – even after the surgery. But then the stitches were healed already. Thanks for showing all this little helpful things, they help us a lot to understand and communicate with the dog. He feels better with us now and not as insecure as he was, when he came from the shelter.

  2. Thank you for the tips. I admit to having pulled on my dog’s collar out of spur of the moment fear and desperation for restraint, but this will give me a new perspective to work from 🙂 I appreciate it.

  3. I love the video!  When Twix was injured, I did have to lift him from under his flank at his hips with a sling, but that was necessary since he did not have mobility of his hind legs.  It was also necessary because I needed to slowly allow him to use his hind legs without the weight of his entire body and with the sling I could regulate how much weight he had to use to support himself… I also had to lift him with my right hand under his chest between his front legs to prevent him from wobbling and under his hind legs like you do with Wish in the video as she jumps into your arms. Collar restraints have annoyed me for a long time.  🙂

  4. While training id never pull his collar, but sometimes on walks he does it himself, when he gets super excited over another dog (luckily that doesnt happen nearly as often as it used to anymore, but still sometimes) how do you prevent that in the moment? Im slowly but surely training him to be more tolerant towards other dogs, he used to be very reactive -especially on leash, and its getting better, but still not 100% there

  5. Excellent info! Restraining by the front of the shoulder area has thankfully been my first instinct anyway but I hadn’t thought much about how I pick up dogs. Good to know for the future!

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