Practicing Splash and Tug’s double dog routine – Dog Training

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Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

This morning we were exercising Dash and also Yank's double pet dog canine freestyle routine. I had to alter the sound due to the fact that the track is copyrighted.

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20 thoughts on “Practicing Splash and Tug’s double dog routine – Dog Training”

  1. Vigorous Clapping and cheering while standing up in absolute astonishment shaking my head in utter disbelief then followed by many nights of dumbfounded mind boggled thoughts on how you trained them so well and telling all my friends about this double dog dance I witnessed! in the end being sad that I shall never see anything greater in my life.

  2. Loved your routine! Excellent work. You have inspired me to be more creative. Thank you for all you share w us.

  3. Wow the music is great, I really love it with the routine. You and your dogs have inspired me and my family to not be afraid of the difference in dog sizes. We had one dog left from our senior dog rescue group, and she was so lonely without the last 2 I knew it was time for another dog, so we broke down and got my Aussie/border cross puppy(yes Splash and Wish warmed me up for this) from a working farm and she was the last of the litter, a bit sheepish but fun loving, I hoped she would work out for service work since the whole family was pitching in with the training. Our senior cairn terrier kept the pup in check and they trained together, but play was not in my senior’s vocabulary she would just hang, it worked until Ole Liza crossed the Raimbow Bridge. So now it has been harder but we were concerned what type of dog to get to continue paling around and training. After 4 months and the pup now at 1 year and very much the teenager we looked at all types that could deal with her 50+ lbs of energy and yet not overwhelm us or the house, we have the room just want to keep it in one piece. Watching your videos we realized we could rescue a smaller dog that it did not have to be medium or large. So we found a rat terrier about 2 years old that is very sweet and cautious but curious and can walk on a leash and read people very well, we have been training and meeting with her at the shelter so coming home will be easier since they will then know each other. They can not release her due to having been in heat so we trust in God and use this time to go help the shelter and get all the meets, greets and training we can. All the crazy exposure is good for the pup anyway as she takes a long time to warm up to these things but after 15-30 minutes she starts to get it and the training starts to kick in. Keep sharing= caring, you have saved me and the pup many times, she is very trying as she is always anticipating and I have to break everything down for her, but it is working, as they say-slow is fast and fast is slow. Blessings. 0:)

  4. Can you make a video on how to teach 2 dogs at same time or if you train them separately aslo i would love a video on it to πŸ•πŸΆπŸ•πŸΆπŸ•πŸΆπŸ•

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