Todays training session working on 2 mins section of routine – Dog Tricks Training

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Desire's training session servicing her Dog Freestyle routine. I still have a great deal of job to do with my very own activities …

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19 thoughts on “Todays training session working on 2 mins section of routine – Dog Tricks Training”

  1. i didn’t see any ads. is your channel not monetized???  i understand why you don’t want to do patreon, but youtube too?

  2. Amazing!!!! Where did you find your 4 legged Super Speedo? Your pup has really gotten some amazing precisions and speed that is so impressive. Thank you for sharing, looks like tons of fun.

    1. Well, I thought she was going to be happy go lucky and not be super crazy fast… Id hoped for her to be my travel companion to conferences, but from day one shes been so scared of everything… So Ive spent the last two years dedicating my life to just getting her over her fears of sights, sounds, people and dogs… Doing 5 mins of trick training each day was our escape from reality 🙂 Now shes 2 and a million times better. I am so proud of her, but still I dont think she is ready yet to have to go on a plane or perhaps ever will be… So she doesnt have to.

    2. Thank you for your honesty, it gives me hope. My service dog was great at first, but she was a baby, now that she is older and has learned a lot she has taken to be more afraid and over-reactive or very bossy, but she is only a year, and her service work is only at home as she can only be silly when out and about, so we do the best we can until she is ready, if she is ever. I work her through it, I figure if she can all of a sudden be that way and drive me crazy I will take that time to hang with her and try to figure it out, needless to say we hang out a lot, in the back of cars, standing around in safe parking lots, travelling to pet friendly stores so her mistakes are A okay or just play/train everywhere we go until she gets enough expsoure that things look similar to her and she may manage . Sometimes she needs a lot of time, so maybe that is just it, all in their good time, but as you say there are many things they don’t have to do and plan for what works for them. My dog can be super fast too to the point I fear for her and me, so I am trying all your slow movement/calming videos and incorporate that into play and work. I am trying to figure out on how to teach her to do things slow, moderate and fast so she gets that, I think the faster the dog the more you have to bring their intelligence into play. I had a doctor who told that to us about the kids, just keep working at something until eventually you reach their intelligence in their style and they will eventually get it. I also see that because my pup is not fully mature yet she is trying to teach herself so I just try to bring her back and work on something to bring her back to attention. I guess some of us just need a real long time to do things. I just made my first snow angel, mind you I have taught everyone else just never actually made one myself, my teenager had a great laugh and so did I. I guess that is it, keep smiling and keep laughing, find the joy and make memories. 0;)

  3. My dogs🐕🐶 only do things for treats
    How to make them do things without treats
    Love your channel so muc

  4. Aww Wish is beutiful I have 2 labradors and a rottwhiler but please reply I am thinking about getting a blue merle border collie I am a experianced dog owner and they all do tricks with the clicker but i was wondering wether i should consider getting one or not sorry for the spelling mistakes im fron germany

  5. This is awesome! Her rhythm is so good <3 How much exercise do you generally give her and Splash each day? I’m so excited to get my bc next year!

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