Trick to solve puppy barking, whining and frustration when training – puppy dog training

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Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

This video is an excerpt from among my Weekly Pup Insights

In this video you can see how my pup Dream was frustrated by food and also training. You could after that see that by servicing a settle it produced a globe of difference!

Below is a link to a complete tutorial on instructing a work out:

Right here is a link to a multi dog settle:

17 thoughts on “Trick to solve puppy barking, whining and frustration when training – puppy dog training”

  1. Brilliant as always.. keep doing what you do so well. This can only improve the lives of owners and their pets.

    1. Deloth1408 yes I did something similar with our rescue, they learn that good things happen when they settle and start offering it more and more

    2. i think it’s a bit harder because they’ve learned previous ways of getting things and now have to learn your new expectations, but it’s definitely possible. mine’s like halfway there but i’m lazy. when she’s frantic now instead of just circling near you and tail whipping your legs to death, she hops in her bed. sits there. lays down in it. circles in it. then hops out and back in and repeats XD so she at least has an idea that something about sitting/laying near/in the bed gets her what she wants. she does not actually settle though, don’t know how to get there with her other than time personally. she’s 4 in a month and acts like this pup at the beginning of the video when we train, so i’m hoping just consistency over time will help mold her lol

  2. I just got a husky puppy about a week ago. Hes 9 weeks old. He’s very afraid of people picking him up and so far he’s really only gotten used to me being around him. He was never socialized and not treated well (i’m guessing) Since he came from a puppy mill. He lovess other dogs, and he’s a very sweet pup, until you try to pick him up. So far he’s okay with me walking up and petting him slowly. If i try to pick him up he screams and tries to run away. He also hates leashes. I’ve been slowly introducing walking on a leash but when i put the leash on his collar he instantly freezes and tries to pull away. I’ve let him run around with a leash on while i was in the backyard with him and it was fine. As soon as i pick it up though, he tries to run off and he cries. Please please help! I’ve trained over 50 puppies of all different breeds before who were worst than him, but im just stuck with him. I would greatly appreciate any kind of guidance and help!

  3. @Dog Training by Kikopup Thanks for the video! Do you have any video recommendations on how to calm down a lunging aggressive/ insecure dog? I usually redirect her before something happens, but sometimes i can’t avoid the situation. What can i do to distract her? Do i just have to train a recall until it works in that situation?

  4. you are such an awesome teacher. I am following your channel for 3 years now and every video is gold. Love you!!!
    Also: do you have any tips for a dog obsessed with licking others (people/dogs)?

  5. My 3 year old Chihuahua is very sound sensitive and barks at noises. I’m going to try this and hope it helps her 🙂

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