A couple of tricks with Wish – Dog tricks training

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Dream wants to hop off the ground to capture the frisbees when standing. I'm not excellent at frisbee myself so only do tosses I could handle. I play frisbee with desire regarding 3 times a week, after an excellent 4 minutes warm up session and after that do a cool down session.Then only play 3-5 mins or two. She is a great weight and goes on off leash walks day-to-day and also we service other fun workouts to keep her fit during the week. I began allowing her dive for the discs when she reached 24 months. I rarely let her jump for the discs due to the fact that she leaps so darn high.

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  1. I totally hear you about jumping high, we had to stop throwing things and just pop them and even then my dog takes off running and jumping like a deer with them, there is no stopping her from 4-10 months. We finally taught her to use a kong frisbee that is very flexible and she wraps it around a ball so she then tries to drop just the ball in a bucket or she paddles the ball with the kong frisbee, it is so her brain is more entertained to slow her down, it has been hard to be creative enough to keep her from figuring out things so well and speeding it up. Being a working cross between Aussie Shepherd/Border Collie I guess it was just gonna happen on her own, good thing she only goes for short spurts. We have been blessed with lots of snow so she has been bouncing and diving all on her own in snow, thank God it slowed her down, put her hops are amazing jumps and she looks like a jack rabbit. Somehow I pray she does not ruin her joints, we don’t ask her to jump she just does it, has been doing it since 3 month old. We occupy her with all the basic training and have been doing more service training that is in doors and only small things out and about since she gets so excited. But breeds like this can easily take 3 years to do so much, maturity in time is the key. Keep sharing, I love watching Wish and the whole gang, it is very inspiring Blessings.

    1. Snow sounds fun! When I lived in Sweden for 2 years, it barely snowed… very frustrating ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. How to start this type of training??
    It is so good to see and a good bonding between dog and person…
    Best wishes from india…

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