Epic Multi Dog Trick – Dog Tricks Training

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Learn More About Dog Training! Click Here

Tug the terrier is one clever cookie:-RRB- So for this multi canine trick he is the celebrity. Border Collies are simply utilized as props in this trick.

13 thoughts on “Epic Multi Dog Trick – Dog Tricks Training”

    1. Well if your dogs are really comfortable working with each other- first work with each dog alone- and work for a longer duration than when there are other dogs- then when you add the other dogs, they get a much higher rate of reinforcement. With Wish who is extremely weird… She keeps regressing to being scared of dogs and people… even my own dogs… and sometimes my friends she used to feel comfortable with… Anyway, with her, I do training sessions where she just gets treats for being near the other dogs when I ask for their tricks. I keep doing high reinforcement brush up sessions to keep her happy and confident around them.

    1. Yes indeed… Hardest part of this trick was getting my Chihuahua to ONLY go to the middle platform… Patience is a virtue ๐Ÿ™‚ Next hardest part was getting the border collie on the left to want to walk toward the chihuahua on the platform…

    1. No, they did ask me for a few years, but it’s not my thing. I went on one show and it was the last show I went on… Splash did great but the host basically sexually harassed me. I hated it so much I was done after that.

    1. Ikea had these square bowls that came in a set… as you can imagine no one bought them but me so they no longer are available…. I just glued the non slip drawer liner from Ikea to the bottom of them. Its sturdy, a grey color with little round circles on, super easy to cut with scissors. You could glue it on any platform

  1. Thank you for sharing another amazing video. You never fail to impress, such an inspiration. I have learnt so much from listening & watching your channel. Thank you so much.

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