21 thoughts on “Wish performs 2 super cute tricks with a ball – dog training tricks”

  1. That is so awesome, it is like upside down push ups with a ball, lol. Very cute, this may work for me as my pup resists rolling all the way over, we managed it 3 times in a year, she is just naturally guarded to it, no incident that I know of, but she did originally live in a barn with calves so it may just be her level of caution, we just work at it slower, she does give her belly freely, just not rolling over all the way, the ball trick with it may distract her letting me teach her a new way of rolling over with me. Thanks and keep sharing.

    1. Wish was really terrified of being upsidedown… when I got her, she would panic, I worked on it a lot and then suddenly one morning she would wake up and she would be back to square one – terrified. So this trick actually makes me so happy that shes more confident.

    2. Very neat, just curious- is she a very licky dog? Also can you do a video on all the steps needed for a trick like this? It is funny I don’t think I could do the trick being in that position-lol

  2. Incredibly cute! 💖 My dog won’t roll over his back, I don’t really know why, he never ever lays on his back also. But he offers his belly lying on the side. He also can’t “sit pretty” due to a hip displacement. He does other cute stuff though. 😉

    1. Thanks! I’ll try that out. The last trick he learned, was going through my legs – he was scared first. (We have him from the shelter and he is scared of many things, sadly, but he does better and better.) It’s a slow way, but new tricks are always welcome. 🙂

  3. I have been training dogs and helping dog owners with behavioural modification and haven’t focused much on trick training. Do you think in your opinion, that it is possible to train dogs any of the tricks that you tech and show without treats? If yes, can you share the videos and talk about it. Thank you.

    1. Saro Boghozian There are other reinforcers besides treats–she uses throwing the ball in this video instead of treats with Wish. But treats are usually the most powerful motivator. Why do you want to avoid them?

    2. As a dog trainer who is in raw diet feeding group, I have the challenge of educating dog owners not to use treats to train their dogs. No matter what kind of treats. The fact that every time we feed our dogs a small treat or a meal, we are causing them to develop heath issues. It gets them to be out of keto state. So, I use no treats to train dogs and teach people how to do it. I want to learn and understand if there is a possibility of not using treats at all and get the dog to do the tricks her dogs do. Just looking for an option to share with my community.

    3. Saro Boghozian So is your objection to food rewards in the timing of the feeding or the makeup of the treats? If you already have nonfood positive motivators they will work for tricks as well as they work for obedience and husbandry behaviors. Games of tug, favorite toys, fetch, etc. If you use fear or pain as motivators I would posit that the emotional/psychological damage is far greater than any health damage dietwise, but I am not a raw feeder and despite extensive formal and self-study education in nutrition have not found any convincing argument to switch myself or clients so we are likely to have different priorities.
      That said, if the dogs eat at all you can train with food rewards. If it is timing, do training sessions only during meal times. If it is content, you can use food tubes (these are like toothpaste tubes with one end open) or roller bottles (empty roll-on deodorant bottles) that you fill yourself, or just smaller pieces of the normal diet. It’s a bit messier but if that were a real problem you wouldn’t be feeding raw anyway right? You can get the food tubes on Amazon in the travel section. I have found roller bottles on eBay intermittently or in health food/essential oil type stores where people make their own deodorant. Hope that helps!

  4. have you thought about making money as a atreet performer of something? this looks more like performance art to me than it reminds me of every day dog training. and I think people might really open up their wallets because of how pretty your dogs are and how much fun they seem to have, unlike what most people know from animal shows in circuses.

    1. Thanks for the idea!, but I do get invited to travel around the world teaching dog training seminars and speak at the leading dog training conferences 🙂 When I was young living in Spain and not into dog training yet, I did try playing the guitar in the subway… It wasnt my thing. Im not into asking people for money, thats why I dont do the Patreon for my youtube channel. I work hard at my job, and I do the youtube channel for fun. Tricks are my passion and I use them to lure people into considering dog training without the use of physical or psychological intimidation 🙂 The possibilities are limitless.

    2. Dog Training by Kikopup yeah it’s very impressive, and the basic link to regular dog training like you teach in other videos is obvious. I understand that making money through donations/begging can be humiliating whereas other arrangements of “getting paid for honest work” are easy to take pride in.

      I’ve never triedstreet performance or anything myself, it just came to mind because I thought that this video looked like a bit of a show. 🙂

      in terms of showing off your dogs’ tricks, I’d be interested in seeing their flexibility and reliability in doing tricks in more or less random order as commanded, in a longer video with no cuts. with a little clip like this one here, I’d always suspect that you rehearsed the exact sequence many times and took the best recording, kinda like the bros on the dudeperfect channel if you’ve seen them. ^^
      it’s still impressive this way and this dog’s excited focus on you is super cute. it makes me want to see the whole dog over a longer time span though. another interesting video could be one where you showcase your dogs in different distinct mindsets, like contrasting this hyperfocus on you during training vs playing/walking/grooming/whatever with you vs just being dogs with other dogs. that would also tie into how these showtricks that you teach your dog are somewhat separate to basic dog training, since that concerns all those regular dog activities where the dog isn’t 100% focussing on you, if at all.

      I’ll admit that I haven’t watched all of your videos, so please excuse me if you’ve done all of that already! ^^

  5. Another amazing video. Your love, passion & dedication for dogs shining through so much. Total admiration for your work, skill & knowledge. Your are absolutely impeccable. I always look forwarded to your videos, & what you have to teach. Thank you so much.

  6. I love watching your videos. Your precision is so skillful and they always inspire me to keep improving my training skills. The holding the ball up is one of the cutest things I have seen. Wish would make a great movie star dog 😁

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